Preschool Science Technology Engineering Mathematics

SMCA Monthly STEM Themes

Themes throughout the year are the fundamental building blocks of the STEM and literacy approach. Each week teachers will have the students participate in the STEM activity associated with the theme. Transitional and open-ended questions will be incorporated throughout the week. Your child’s teacher will also provide a take-home activity to reinforce the theme! Monthly themes will change yearly.


All About Me

Not only do children need to learn about their own individuality, they need to learn to accept and appreciate the characteristics of other people. STEM concepts are infused throughout these sessions as the children discover how they are similar to and different from their peers.


Our Neighborhood

This theme expands the children’s horizons and understanding outside of their classroom. They are beginning to notice and make sense of the world around them. STEM concepts of engineering are the cornerstone for this theme. The children will learn to plan and design a pretend neighborhood that had everything you imagined?


Let’s Pretend

This theme engages the children in creative and critical thinking skills. Their imaginations are stretched around a topic all children love-toys! All four STEM concepts of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics are incorporated in this theme. The children will learn to design and construct a pretend toy from ordinary objects. The amazing thing is their new toy can do anything they imagine.


Shapes All Around ME

Shapes all around me teaches the children about basic geometric shapes, both two and three-dimensional. Don’t be afraid to use mathematical names for the geometric shapes. If they can say Tyrannosaurus Rex, they can say cylinder! The children will be able to point our different geometric shapes wherever they go!



Space Exploration

This theme enables children to let their imagination soar! What if someday they really build a rocket ship or walk on another planet? Children will design and construct a pretend rocket from ordinary objects. They will imagine traveling to outer space and walking on the moon.



The Places We Can Go

Helps children to understand there are many different environments in the world. Children will learn about characteristics of different geographical locations. They will get to be explorers, and, like the first explorers, create a map of their school.



Crawling and Slithering

Children investigate how insects and reptiles move and the habitat in which they live. They will use critical and creative thinking skills to imagine and build their own crawly and slithery creatures. The children will design and construct pretend creatures and their environment from ordinary objects.


Helping our Environment

This centers around recycling, which may be a new concept for young learners. However, watch out! Children get excited about collecting trash and repurposing it. The children will learn about the concepts of environment, reducing reusing and recycling.


Water, Water Everywhere

Engages the children in learning about the attributes of water in a creative setting. They will also learn more about the characteristics of fish. The four STEM concepts are incorporated in this theme. The children will design and construct a pretend fish from ordinary objects. They will conduct experiments with water. They will be immersed in fun!