Middle School/High School Spiritual Life


Weekly secondary chapel services help to further student the spiritual growth. On alternating weeks, students meet in small Discipleship Groups with a teacher mentor to further discuss Chapel themes, Bible class topics, and other life issues from a Christian world view. Chapel services in the past have included ministry from upperclassmen, teachers, drama team, and traveling evangelists.  Students on the Praise Team lead with music.


Annual overnight retreats allow students to leave their academics behind for time to grow spiritually and build memories with their classmates.  Middle School students learn how to work together on the fall one-night retreat.  High School students seek God and grow as leaders on a spring two-night retreat.

Student-Led Bible Study and Worship

An elected student Chaplain guides the Student Bible Club each week and hosts the annual See You at the Pole worship event.  Students lead class prayers and at special events such as the National Day of Prayer.

Mission Trip and Community Service

Secondary students may choose to join the Mission Team for a trip to help others and spread the word of Jesus Christ.  Mission trips typically alternate years between U.S. domestic travel and international travel (qualifications apply).  Secondary students do community service projects throughout the year such as helping to feed homeless families at local churches through the Safe Nights program, working on holiday food distributions, and participating in the Walk to End Homelessness.