Athletic Physicals & FamilyID

All 6th – 12th grade students who wish to play any sports must complete 2 steps: Athletic Physical: Completed and signed by athlete’s physician. This form must be renewed yearly.

FamilyID: All athletes (SMCA & homeschoolers) and a parent must use this online registration system in order to play each sport.  Payment for playing each sport will be made through this FamilyID system.   Click Here to Register

Health Inventory

All students must submit this completed (doctor and parent signatures) packet at the time of registration.

Blood Lead Screening/Testing

All students aged 2 through 6 years must have this form completed by a doctor.

Immunization Certification

All students must have an updated shot record on file.

Asthma Action Plan

Must be completed yearly.

Allergy Action Plan

Must be completed yearly.

Medical Administration Authorization Form

Completed by the doctor and a parent every year. This form gives doctor authorization and parental permission to give any medication (prescription, over-the-counter, herbal remedy) while the child is at school, on field trips and on overnight retreats.